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Air Burst Rocket

The award-winning Air Burst Rocket™ system incorporates an entirely new propulsion technology, utilizing air to create a shock wave and Venturi effect that launches its rockets higher and faster than any non-combustion rockets on earth!

When membrane boosters within the launcher burst, Air Burst™ generates astounding power that sends rockets to amazing heights. With a few pumps from a stand-up bike pump, rockets can be easily and repeatedly launched. No combustible or expensive rocket engines needed!

With five different power levels to choose from, you can launch Air Burst™ rockets to varying altitudes reaching up to 1,000 feet and even beyond visual range! The highest power level requires adult strength. Be prepared for a truly amazing model rocketry experience!

Also available: Air Burst Mighty Missiles™ Rocket System. It's just a bit smaller and less powerful so that younger children can launch it themselves.

Packages of extra rockets and boosters are available for both Air Burst™ and Mighty Missiles™.